The Roofing Alternative to Natural Slate

Inspire slate and shake style roofing is the superior lightweight roofing alternative to natural slate, concrete or clay roofing tiles!  Inspire's Aledora thick slate is formed in high pressure hydraulic molds made with natural  1/2"chipped edge slate roofing tiles, perfectly replicating all the surface detail and visual appeal of natural premium slate roofing. 

The Look of Authentic Slate, Without the Weight!

Inspire Composite Slate RoofingConcrete RoofingFiber-Cement Roofing Natural Slate
1.7 - 3 lbs/ft29 - 15 lbs/ft26 lbs/ft210 - 18 lbs/ft2

* The graphs weight ranges are based on the various thicknesses available of each roofing type. Installed, Inspire's Classic slate weighs 1.8 lbs/ft2, and our Aledora thick slate weighs 2.6 - 3 lbs/ft2.

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