Aledora™ Slate Roofing

If you seek the natural beauty of slate roofing, without the weight, Aledora™ Slate was made for you. Additionally, installation times and our synthetic slate roof cost is significantly less than natural stone slate roofing. Aledora Slate roofing incorporates the the finest aesthetics and craftsmanship available in the synthetic slate industry, by providing a hand-cut slate appearance for a fraction of the cost and weight. Like all Inspire Roofing Products, Aledora also delivers Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Hail Impact Rating, 110-MPH Wind Uplift Rating, and a 50 year Limited Lifetime Warranty that will protect your top investment for many years to come. 
Aledora's defined crisp edges with multiple colors integrated into every slate roof tile show variations that naturally mimic slates hues and shadow variances. Each of our slate roof tiles is uniquely beautiful, so no two roofs are identical. Aledora’s light weight makes for easy installation and can be installed on roof slopes 3:12 and greater. Aledora S-Series is 18" long and 12" wide (1/2" thick) with a max exposure of 8". Each 12" slate roof tile weights about 1.25 lbs. Aledora V-Series is made up of four different widths of 6", 8", 10", and 12" tiles.

Synthetic Slate Roofing Tiles

Realistic Replication & Authentic Looks



Inspire Roofing tiles molds are an exact replica of quality natural roofing slates. Stone clevage and unique edges are replicated exactly under intense pressure when manufacturing our durable roofing slate and shake roof tiles. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How Does Inspire Slate Compare With “Real” Slate On Price?

A. The answer to this question is …”what type of slate?” Most slate sold in the US is imported from China with a minimal warranty and of variable quality. Inspire Slate is similarly priced to a good quality guaranteed Spanish slate, but has many inherent benefits. One extremely relevant and cost-saving advantage is that fixing times are vastly reduced. Please see the Features and Benefits section of this site for further details.



Q. How Is The Material Fastened To The Surface?

A. Galvanized steel nails driven through the slate, either manually or by nail gun. No drilling, clipping or hooks required.



Q. What Is The Minimum Roof Pitch Inspire Tiles Can Be Installed On?

A. 14 degrees (on a fully-boarded roof). This is very useful for extensions and other applications where the available roof slope may be limited.



Q. Why Are They Curved? A Natural Slate Is Flat.

A. This is intentional. The induced camber flattens and creates a tight fit when nailed in place.



Q. Is An Eaves (Soldier) Course Needed?

A. Yes. Standard slating principles apply.



Q. How Are The Ridges/Hips Fixed?

A. Nailed and overlapped. Dry-fix system much more secure than a bedded ridge. Cement does not adhere well to Inspire Slate.



Q. Does The Color Fade Drastically?

A. No, Inspire Slate is UV stable with the same color through-out.  It will weather, as does any roof covering, depending on location and exposure.



Q. How Do You Cut The Tiles?

A. Fine-toothed saw, disc cutter, or scored with a utility knife.



Q. Will Moss/Algae Grow On Inspire Slate?

A. Once again, this depends on the location and exposure of the site. Algae grows better on a laminar material, Inspire Slate is not laminar. To deter growth, string a copper wire across the length of the ridge.



Q. Is It A “Green” Recycled Product? What’s It Made From?

A. It’s not recycled… but it’s RECYCLABLE. Inspire Slate is made from limestone and virgin resins. Consequently there is greater control over the mix and the manufacturing process. The main problems experienced with using reclaimed inconsistent raw materials are due to the lack of control in the manufacture which can result in splitting, curling, etc. There are no such problems with Inspire Slate.



Q. How Are The Tiles Packaged/Delivered?

A. Individually strap-banded bundles of 25 slates… 1600 per pallet (or less). There is a delivery charge depending on location.



Q. Can The Material Be Used For Vertical Cladding?

A. Yes.

Aledora Solid Colors

  • Slide background
    Charcoal Black (801)
  • Slide background
    Mist Grey (803)
  • Slide background
    Steel Grey (804)
  • Slide background
    Brandywine (806)
  • Slide background
    Red Rock (809)
  • Slide background
    Olive (814)
  • Slide background
    Sage Green (815)

Aledora Mixed Colors

  • Slide background
    Nottingham (788)
  • Slide background
    Concord (789)
  • Slide background
    Brunswick (791)
  • Slide background
    Coachman (790)
Depending on light conditions, our roofing will reflect different amounts of color intensity. Actual colors may vary from those shown on the screen.  


Aledora Slate Features and Benefits


  • Inspire Roofing tiles molds are an exact replica of quality natural roofing slates. Stone clevage and unique edges are replicated exactly under intense pressure when manufacturing our durable roofing slates and shingles.
  • Available in S-Series (12" tiles) or V-Series (Presorted into 6"; 8"; 10"; 12" tile widths)
  • 1/2" thick profile casts deep shadows
  • Non-repeating staggered or straight application
  • True authentic slate colors to choose from
  • Sharp edges and rich texture creates the most realistic look in the industry
  • Low maintenance with maximum durability
  • Class A or Class C Fire Rating
  • Class 4 Impact Rating
  • 110 MPH Wind Uplift Protection
  • Inspire Roofing Products has Specification listing with ARCAT, to include CAD drawings and BIM Modeling
  • Inspire Roofing Products provides Technical Bulletins for certain roofing applications
  • Inspire offers custom mixes that feature a variety of beautifully balanced color
  • Homeowner Insurance discounts through State Farm Insurance Company


  • Homes looking for a natural slate roof
  • Residential or commercial
  • Homes where there are threats of hail storms and fire
  • When you want the look of natural slate, but not the weight
  • When you want a material that looks better than slate, and costs less!